Formal Graduation Celebration for homeschoolers.

Guilford Christian Academy has been offering services to homeschoolers for over 15 years.

The past couple of years they have offered a graduation ceremony for homeschoolers, members of GCA and non-members, as well.

This year the graduation will be held at the beautiful Spectacular Event Center in Bangor Maine. The location is quite a step up from where we held the first graduation. We are looking forward to celebrating your hard work with these students.

The package deal includes the cap and gown, tassel, 8 announcements and a professional diploma. There will be refreshments for the graduate and 4 guests. Additional guests are welcome for $3.50/person. For members, the package is $100 for nonmembers, $130.

Music and the commencement graduation celebrationwill be presented by Mike and Paulie Heath. The commencement title is

  • Seeking a Sign
    Matthew 16:4

Jesus never minced words. He always told the truth. We are called to do the same, no matter what. Nothing is more important for the maturing Christian than dedication to a lifetime of pursuing truth. Graduations are important milestones. The signs along the way are important.

If you have worked hard to homeschool your child(ren) and you would like to give them the opportunity to celebrate their achievements with friends and family then consider joining others on June 11 for the Formal Graduation Celebration.

The ceremony starts at 5:30. Come early to set up a display of things your student may want to share with others.

Students may keep the cap and gown or donated them to GCA for future students.

If you would like to know more about this celebration please visit their website and contact them through the contact us page. If you know of someone that would be interested in participating in this celebration please share this information.

What a great way to celebrate the important work you have been doing!

Thank you for reading,

Happy Homeschooling.


Trisha White

About Trisha White

Trisha White and her husband Jim live in Central Maine. They have raised and educated three children on a small farm. Their children are now graduated, grown, and productive people in the community. Their desire has been to help others homeschooling in the state and in 2002 they started Guilford Christian Academy.