Winding Down

Home educators are winding down the school year and starting to prepare for the next school year. What are some of the things you do to wind down? Many of you will start thinking about:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Curriculum Purchases
  • Pencils, Pens, Paper, and more
  • Other Materials
  • Field Trips
  • Local Activities and Groups
  • Free Resources
  • Co-ops
  • Art Supplies

These are just a few of the items and information we start to gather for the fall. If you look in different places you can gain many of these things for very little expense. It can be tricky but if you are patient you will be able to keep your costs down by going to yard sales, thrift shops, curriculum sales and swaps.

Some families will work a bit over the summer, some will work a lot over the summer. We are all different and we all have methods that work best for our families. That is what makes homeschooling so interesting.hpim1749_4013614191_o

What may work for us will not work for you. In the end we are all striving to do the best for our children.

There are a few things going on in the Dover Foxcroft area that will be worth your while to attend.

Homeschool Moms Unwind is a gathering of homeschool moms to just unwind and fellowship for a couple of hours, they will be meeting at the new Mill Cafe you can find out more about it here: You can view this even if you are not on Facebook.

There is also a book swap going on in Dover Foxcroft as well. Details can be found here: Everyone likes to barter, bring books that you are done with and swap for something new for the next year.

Do you know of similar events in your area? Please share below in the comments.

Would you like to know more about how you can homeschool in the State of Maine? Visit and click on the contact us page. They are very helpful.


Happy Homeschooling


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Trisha White

About Trisha White

Trisha White and her husband Jim live in Central Maine. They have raised and educated three children on a small farm. Their children are now graduated, grown, and productive people in the community. Their desire has been to help others homeschooling in the state and in 2002 they started Guilford Christian Academy.