About Trisha

Trisha White and her husband Jim live in Central Maine. They have raised and educated three children on a small farm. Their children are now graduated, grown, and productive people in the community. Their desire has been to help others homeschooling in the state and in 2002 they started Guilford Christian Academy.

Trisha White

Trisha White

Trisha is now working full time as Administrator of GCA and she loves using her experiences and knowledge of the laws to help others homeschool their children.

There have been many hours in Augusta working with legislators on bills that would affect homeschooling in Maine. Hours assisting those that are struggling with finding the right curriculum and organizing events and field trips for those home educating all over the state.

The Homeschool Hub is a place where Trisha can share her knowledge and experiences as a parent and home educator of her children and the experiences and knowledge she has gained from helping others home educate their children, put together transcripts, and get them into college.

Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular in communities around the state, it is always nice to hear someone doting about a homeschooler they met or that works for them, etc. Do you homeschool your children? Would you like to know more about homeschooling in the state of Maine? Visit the Homeschool Hub to find out more about the laws and guidelines, curriculum, field trips, and events around the great state of Maine.

If you would like to ask specific questions about your experiences you are welcome to contact her at trishawhite@gmail.com.

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