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Formal Graduation Celebration for homeschoolers.

graduation celebration

Guilford Christian Academy has been offering services to homeschoolers for over 15 years. The past couple of years they have offered a graduation ceremony for homeschoolers, members of GCA and non-members, as well. This year the graduation will be held at the beautiful Spectacular Event Center in Bangor Maine. The location is quite a step […]

Learning Never Stops

I am a firm believer that learning never stops! Just because we put the books away and the children are outside for the summer does not mean that they just stop their brains and don’t learn anything. There is probably more learning that will be remembered during this time. The more senses we can use […]

Winding Down

Winding down the school year is in progress for many homeschoolers. It is almost spring here in Maine. It should be spring but it is still a little chilly for this time of year. But, the birds are chirping and the buds are coming out. Spring flowers have popped up and the grass is oh […]

SAT/PSAT Prep Class

Does your student intend on taking the SAT or the PSAT? From the Collegeboard website at Home-Schooled Student Registration Home-schooled students can register online or by mail. When prompted for a high school code, enter: 970000. Students schooled at home who do not have acceptable photo identification should download and print out a Student […]